Our mission? To create media, communities and partnerships that help people with Lyme and their families.

It’s a fact: media, communities and partnerships are raising billions (yep, billions!) of dollars for other diseases, and transforming global health for the better. We believe in using these same approaches for Lyme. Why?

  • It’s been over 40 years since Lyme appeared in Connecticut, millions of people are sick, and there’s been almost no improvement in our response to the disease since then.
  • At the heart of the Lyme crisis is lack of understanding, and an information crisis. Many people still have never heard of Lyme; others have misperceptions about its diagnosis, treatment, severity, symptoms, duration and fatality. We need to tell the story of Lyme differently, and better.
  • People get sick, don’t know where to get help and are desperately searching for answers. At a time when patients and family members are in crisis, available information about Lyme is scattered, conflicting and confusing. We need to have reliable, unbiased information about Western and alternative treatments that is easily accessible to the public, to help people deal with this disease, particularly because many patients now travel overseas for treatment.
  • Lyme patients and their families say that the hardest thing is that no on understands what they are going through. We need an online community that supports patients and caregivers (parents, children, spouses, siblings) with programs tailored to their individual needs.
  • There currently exists little to help patients and family members caught in the Lyme crisis. We believe in creating structures to help people with Lyme and their caregivers, now. These could include disaster aid, free counseling, and more.

To crack the Lyme nut, we need:Silence

  • To look at Lyme in new ways, using the best practices and technology.
  • To view Lyme as a global problem, and look for global answers – those that exist and those that need to be created.
  • To bridge the gap between those who are afflicted and those who are well, because Lyme can happen to almost anyone, anywhere.

Lyme disease is killing us – physically, emotionally, socially and financially. It’s time to do something about it.