Our mission? To create international awareness, funding and innovation for Lyme disease.

We believe that online technology and social media can help us gain a better understanding of the complex problems of Lyme. Why?

  • Lyme is a worldwide epidemic, with millions of people sick and isolated, often in remote areas.
  • At the heart of the Lyme crisis is an awareness and information crisis. All too often, online information about Lyme is scattered, conflicting, and confusing. We need to have reliable, unbiased information, easily accessible to the public, to help people deal with this disease.
  • Lyme patients possess a huge body of knowledge, which has not been gathered or shared.
  • Social media and online technology allow us to gather data from around the world, utilize the collective experience of the Lyme community, look at the problems in a new way, and create new solutions.

To crack the Lyme nut, we need:Silence

  • To look at Lyme in new ways, using the best practices and technology.
  • To view Lyme as a global problem, and look for global answers – those that exist and those that need to be created.
  • To bridge the gap between those who are afflicted and those who are well, because Lyme can happen to almost anyone, anywhere. Public misunderstanding of the disease only adds to the problem.

Lyme disease is killing us – physically, emotionally, socially and financially. It’s time to do something about that.