Louis Songster, Secretary, served as Executive Director of Philanthropy at State University of New York’s Downstate Medical Center for seven years, where he raised funds for research, education and patient care. He co-founded Yellow Magnet, a consulting firm that helps social change organizations convert awareness to action. Louis has several friends with Lyme disease.

Marcia Stepanek is a multi-media journalist, digital/visual media strategist, Columbia University media and non-profit strategy professor and author of the forthcoming book, Swarms: The Rise of the Digital Anti-Establishment, about the evolving power and influence of social networks to pervasively reshape business and society. She is Founder and Executive Producer of Brand Stories, a Manhattan media collective that creates short-form news pieces and issues documentaries for a variety of non-profit and civil society organizations and social enterprises. A former Knight Fellow in New Media at Stanford University and Web Strategies Editor at Business Week, she was Founding Editor-in-Chief of Contribute Magazine, covering the rise of online social activism and social enterprise. Marcia believes that Lyme disease is one of the nation’s most serious unsung threats to health and productivity and supports new efforts to bring more visibility to the disease, its affects and the need to create better for people with Lyme and their families.


Regina Weichert, President, contracted Lyme in 2004, treated it promptly with antibiotics and was told that she was “cured.” It took five years to find out that she still had Lyme. So sick that she could barely stand, Regina was fortunate to find a Lyme literate doctor who saved her life, and to recover with the help of cutting edge treatments from around the globe. She founded Lyme Nation with a vision of replacing the ignorance, denial and neglect surrounding Lyme with knowledge, compassion and a new global response to the disease. Prior to her illness, Regina produced communications for CBS, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations, and worked closely with an ultra high net worth philanthropist for six years, managing his philanthropy. Regina has a B.A. from Harvard University. She earned her M.S. in Fundraising from New York University, and attended the Course in Exponential Fundraising at Harvard’s Kennedy School, studying non-profits’ use of social media and innovative cross sector partnerships that are transforming global health.

Jonathan Zinno, Treasurer, is a Director at Price Waterhouse and Cooper, with expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategy, Leadership and Performance. His main focus is Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Healthcare, where he has been involved in a number of complex transactions. Jon is also a founding member of CareooTM – a healthcare start-up that is working to create better patient outcomes in the comfort of the home. Jon has a B.S. from Providence College, an M.B.A from Columbia Business School, and he also attended the London School of Economics. His great-uncle has had Lyme disease for 30 years.


Tony Daulerio is a 5-time CFO and member of 9 senior management committees with over 30 years of experience leading Finance groups in organizations ranging in scale from start-ups to over $1 Billion in revenues. He has led business transformations, restructurings and turnarounds; acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, spin-offs and divestitures; capital investments; hedging and foreign exchange; and business and vendor outsourcing. Tony was global CFO of Mizuho Capital Markets, one of the big three Japanese mega banks. Prior to that had a 19-year career at Merrill Lynch. He earned an MBA with distinction from Cornell University and a BA in Accounting from Michigan State University. Tony and his wife both have Lyme disease.


Martine Davis is President of Indoor Environmental Testing, Inc., the company she founded in 2000. A software engineer for 20 years, Martine was drawn to study environmental health after she suffered a devastating illness later found to have been caused by a “sick home.” At the time, little was known about environmental illness. She was mis-diagnosed with several diseases and not given much hope for recovery. Martine is Certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant by the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology. She is a graduate of Illinois State University, is IAC2 Certified by InterNACHI, has held certifications as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC), Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI), Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI) and was a licensed Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor for the State of Illinois. Her expertise includes indoor air quality inspections, mold and moisture investigations, sick building issues, odor investigations and countermeasures for electromagnetic and high frequency radiation exposure. Having fully recovered her health, Martine teaches Indoor Air quality classes nationwide, and consults to individual and institutional clients. She frequently works with Lyme patients who are having mold, EMF and other issues in their homes.

Bob Filbin is Chief Data Scientist at Crisis Text Line, where his goal is to use data science to maximize both the number of teens using the service and the quality of care they receive. Bob has a keen interest in developing pro-social applications of data, and has spoken about data science for social change at SXSW Interactive, Strata Conference, and MIT, and has been published in the Harvard Business Review. Bob has his M.A. in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University and his B.A. from Colgate University. Bob has a friend with Lyme disease.

Orson Munn has been in Marketing and Advertising for the past thirty-five years, and founded his shop, Munn Rabôt, twenty years ago with partner Peter Rabôt. Having worked on travel and tourism, financial, education and many other categories, Orson believes the most difficult marketing assignments are those found in healthcare. He has repositioned and brought hospital marketing to a new level with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone Medical Center, Yale Medical Group, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Orson believes that his father may have passed away from a case of Lyme disease that was improperly diagnosed as Parkinson’s.

Peter Rabôt is Creative Director and founding partner of Munn Rabôt – a New York advertising agency. Originally from London, UK, he moved to the United States in 1984. Peter has created effective advertising campaigns for many business categories, and is best known for his work for New York-Presbyterian Hospital and now, NYU Langone Medical Center. He believes brands need to embrace a position and stand for something. He developed the idea, “Lyme disease is killing us,” for Lyme Nation.

George Weiner is the Co-Founder of, and Founder and CEO of WholeWhale, a firm that works with non-profits to increase cause awareness, multiply meaningful engagement and implement data and technology. Prior to WholeWhale, George was the CTO of Under his leadership, the organization became an innovator in social media, mobile technologies and social cause. During his 7 years at, he oversaw the complete overhaul of the site twice (winning a Webby Award and nominations), helping to build a community of over 1.5 million young people taking action. George had a Lyme disease scare. He turned out not to have Lyme, but experienced first-hand the difficulty of getting an accurate diagnosis.