Here’s what people are saying about Lyme Nation.

I was single going through Lyme and didn’t have any support, so I turned to Lyme Nation every step of the way. And every step that I was going through, there would be an article about that – from getting diagnosed, to being very sick, to detoxing and getting better – or I could email or call to get advice, and always got a reply back. People with Lyme have a lot of fear. By sharing what is normal in Lyme recovery, Lyme Nation really calmed my fears and gave me hope and courage. I highly recommend it to any Lyme patient or anyone who wants to better understand the illness.

Kathy, CA

Lyme Nation has been very helpful to me. It was through their blog that I found out about the LTT-Elispot Test. My test result was not only positive for Lyme, but showed that my immune system was very compromised in the precise areas which Lyme affects. This is very useful information in determining the overall diagnosis.

Further, Lyme Nation is doing the very important work of raising awareness regarding electromagnetic radiation. The majority of people remain completely in the dark as to how wifi, cell towers and the growing smart grid are making many ill. The mainstream public needs to become educated on this issue.

Cheryl, New York

I am so grateful to Regina Weichert and Lyme Nation. It was through her support and the information on her blog that I garnered the courage to make the trip by myself to Germany for therapeutic apheresis. I learned about the treatment from a friend, who learned of it through Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. When I read about the treatment, I felt it was my last hope for multiple chemical sensitivities, mild chronic fatigue and for removing heavy metals, solvents and pesticides. The treatment there has been a life-saver for me.

SDK, New Mexico

Without Lyme Nation, I’d never have known about the four main treatments that have helped me: apheresis; cryotherapy; lymphatic drainage (all in Germany) and my dentist in the midwest. Not only does Lyme Nation share this life-changing medical information, but there are blog posts detailing the patient experience and those come with great pictures. I couldn’t have traveled to another country or across the US without those posts. I’m so incredibly happy LN exists.

Andrew, California

The Lyme Nation blog was an invaluable resource for me as I was making the decision to go to Germany to undergo apheresis treatment. I was a bit frightened of the procedure and knew no one personally who had done it. Regina’s chronicle of her journey, with photos and an interview with Dr. Straube, the head of the clinic, provided me with information I needed in order to understand it and feel less afraid.

As a result of lowering the toxic load in my body, I can sing again with greater clarity and beauty of tone! There’s no greater gift to me than that, after losing my singing career fifteen years ago to Lyme.

Deborah, Washington